Friday, January 30, 2009

Weird week -

Yeah, so it has been a weird week here at the Trent household. Shortly after my last post - well, actually RIGHT after my last post, Brody was sleeping soundly in his crib, when suddenly he was screaming like crazy. So, I was thinking teeth/ear infection/normal stuff, but then realized this was no normal situation. Things were so bad and went on for so long that Corey and I almost took him to the ER. 45 LONG minutes later he was back to sleep and slept for the remainder of the night. Weird.

We had a big ole ice storm here in Texas. Many would think it was the Antarctic around town. This place just shuts down. We hunker down in our houses, light up the fireplaces, and start eating homey foods. We ended up doing that for 2 days because we were blessed with 2 days of freezing cold weather. I picked Logan up from school early on Tuesday and we stayed home till Thursday. Weird.

We didn't get out of our pj's all day yesterday. Many of you who work might think I kick it like that all the time. Believe it or not, we really don't usually :) On Wednesday night Logan woke up in the middle of the night and ended up in my bed. I am not a big fan of the family bed, so you know the situation was serious for him to be snuggling up with me. Yes, he only snuggles with me (Not Corey) and it is like we are glued together. This doesn't make for the best night sleep on my all! Logan woke up yesterday morning and the first thing he said to me was "momma hold me." Weird.
Then he puked shortly later, right in my bed. Well, actually it was on his blankie, but blankie was on my bed and that was just too close to my sheets - so the whole room got a bath. Puke seemed to be everywhere - on my arm, my foot, Logan's pj's, my floor...heck, we might have even gotten some of it in the toilet??? I think I passed the puke test. I haven't been tested recently, but I didn't end up losing my breakfast over it - score, right??? Anyways, Weird.

Weird, wild stuff here at the Trent's!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling adventurous?

So my friend Claudia is literally traveling the globe right now...Hong Kong, the Sahara desert, Rome, you name it - she's hanging out there. So my loving hubs was asking why I was so baffled by this. I think it is just crazy that one of my friends is riding a camel???? Really though??? Well, then I was thinking - I guess it isn't that crazy right? I live by the seat of my pants all the time, right here in Texas!

So here are some of the ways that I am wild and crazy just in one afternoon:

1) I go to Williams Sonoma with a 4 year old and a 1 year have a lovely afternoon shopping extravaganza. Logan only gave me one heart attack while in the store when I heard a loud CLANK when he closed a glass coffee pot very loudly. Thank heavens it wasn't broken!

2) We almost left "horsey guy" at Pottery Barn in the bathroom after going potty. We got all the way in our car seats and remembered him. Thank goodness that we didn't forget him - having to send him to "guy heaven" with "kangaroo guy" would be a very sad day. (For both Logan and I - the whining would be more than I could handle!) Additionally, I have really regulated myself on the germ front - Horsey guy was hanging out in the Pottery Barn bathroom and he came home with us???? Seriously, there would have been a day once upon a time that this would not have happened at my house. Nowadays, Logan was snuggling up with him right after their reunion. What has happened to me?

3) Just imagine us in the middle of Gap Body. I had a gift card that I was super excited to use on some new undergarments. Logan was helping me shop and picking up all kinds of things in there - he was my own personal shopper :)

4) All of this and I was truly wild and crazy by not bringing an extra pair of pants for Logan in case of a potty training accident...I am a crazy person!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Next year? Already?

So, I guess I might have issues thinking too far into the future. Or something like that. Suddenly, it seems as though everyone is talking about next year - Fall of 09'. Didn't we just get into 2009? I can barely wrap my brain around that - I mean it seems like only yesterday we were partying to Prince's 1999 and fretting about the new millennium. What happened here? How in the world did we get to 2009, much less Fall of 09'? In talking about the Fall, we are talking about school for Logan, summer programs, Sunday School - and the list goes on. In making these decisions, I am going to have to live with them 8 full months from now...ugh!

I have been debating on if I should put Brody into "school" one day a week. It would give me a full day from 9am-2pm all to myself. What would I do without both boys being home? I don't know if I can bear it - but would it be good for my sanity. (I do feel like I lose my sanity at times around here!) Logan will go into the 4 year old class next year and then head to KINDERGARTEN the year after.

We are full into wedding madness within the Gruninger family. We went wedding dress shopping last weekend and found "the one" for Allyson. I also had the chance to model the bridesmaid dress for the entourage who went with us. My aunt Betty and Allyson's future mom-in-law, Jennifer, came in town for the occasion. I think all had a great time - who wouldn', wedding, happiest day of your life???? We also got to go and see my good friend King Tut. I really loved the adventure - having an adult night of culture and all. He was glad to see us too :)
Okay, so I need to get going on pictures of the boys this year. I finally got all of the pictures downloaded online and sent to my uncle Ken from the holidays. Really, it shouldn't be too hard to take pics of my precious boys, right? There are plenty of photo opps every day - I just need to handle up!

Friday, January 16, 2009

They do it to spite me...

So, this week has been full of interesting developments. Brody has started walking - well, at least that is what they tell me. He won't really walk for Corey and I, but he apparently showed his skills in the church nursery. The ladies in the nursery were so confused when he wasn't walking to me - apparently he had been walking all morning long. WHAT??? So, I am trying to be supre patient and I am waiting for the day to come along when he decides to really walk - all over my house.

Logan had a really great few weeks of vacation - no potty training accidents! Awesome! Well, over the past couple of days, we have had 5 accidents. Hmm, what happened? Well, Corey and I are letting Logan take control of his potty training destiny. Or something like that. Who wants dry, comfy, pants when you can have accidents all day long??? He will have to get tired of this sometime, right? Someday he won't have accidents, right? God willing that will be the case!

I tell you - they do it to spite me!
Logan and I have had a ton of fun recently - we have been to three of Logan's most favorite places: Chuck E Cheese, Main Event, and Going Bonkers. What more could a boy ask for? I am quite afraid that we will get some sort of illness from those places. But, we had a blast for the couple of hours we were at those locations :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Recovery :)

We are back in the swing of things on Sumac Drive. Our vaca is over and we are back to reality. No more late nights, sweet treats, or other madness that goes along with vacations. Logan picked up the word "stinky" on our vacation and uses it in every sentence. (Thank you Grant Elzinga!) Brody has suddenly decided he loves to be rocked with his blankie every night. We need to handle up on both of those things soon...

Logan is back at school being the big man on campus.

Anyways, the exciting news is that Brody has started WALKING! Just a few steps currently - maximum is 8 steps I think all by himself, but he will be running before too long. I think he is ready to start keeping up with his brother around the house.

Our computer is on it's last "legs" so my postings haven't been as thorough as I would prefer...and the pics haven't been updated. I hope to change that very soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, so it is a little belated...actually, quite a few of my posts are according to my fans. (I heard ALL about my delay on posting from my future brother-in-law, and my sister, Emily over my vacation.) Anyways, on to my post:

Christmas was especially enjoyable this year. We had a great time with both sides of our family and got lots of neat things. Logan and Brody are still thoroughly enjoying their new things. Logan wants to sleep with his new toys every night. I have to tell him "no" to tractors and things he could get injured with during the night.

So, what did I want for Christmas? Well, I told Corey I didn't want one single thing. We have so much STUFF anyways! Stop the madness, right? Well, my crafty hubs, found the perfect gift for me - one of my bff's, halfway across the country. So, on Christmas day, Corey gave me a picture frame to open with this oh so sweet poem inside. The poem told me that he and my bff's hubs had planned a trip for us to meet halfway between Texas and Memphis! Wow! What more could a girl want - a great Christmas and a trip to go and see Joy and her boys? So exciting! I will post pictures soon about the trip and lay it out in detail.

After returning to Dallas for a day the fam arrived in time for New Years Eve, prior to going out to the ranch for my Granny and Papa's "burial" of sorts. We had a fab time out at the ranch with everyone. Lots of food, fun, and sun this trip - it was close to 80 degrees outside! Beautiful! Mom even set up a scavenger hunt for the group and it was a hit! (I was on the winning team of course - in your face teams 2 & 3!!!)

We are currently in Houston for the dedication of a garden out at my grandparents nursing home. The boys have been partying like rock stars over the past week or so. Logan is expecting chocolate milk or Sprite with every meal, and sweet treats are expected as well. (Stop the madness!) I am ready to sleep in my own bed again and get back in a routine :) Thanks to all who have made our travels a success. Thanks also, to all of those who helped Corey and I with the boys over the past week or two. We truly couldn't have done it without you!