Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've Got Stuff To Do...

Well, actually, we didn't have a lot to do over the week before last, unless you include going to the beach, taking naps, eating, and playing. My parents were generous enough to have my entire family down to Galveston Beach, where they rented a beach we have done a few times in years past. My Aunt Betty and Uncle Ken also rented a house and a number of other people came down to play. It was a huge party the whole week and everyone had a blast. The boys of course thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Bear continues to ask when we are going back. He seems to think of it like going to the park down the street.

Bear was so cute, because I would ask him if he wanted a snack or wanted to go in the water and he would answer with "I've got stuff to do." The busiest 2 year old on the planet, right?

Another tid bit that I know many of you are dying to know about is the butterflies. Well, we brought them all the way down to the beach and many of them happened to "hatch" out of their cocoons en route...right in the back of my car. What a treat to have them all fluttering about when we arrived in Galveston. All 5 of them made it, and the boys released them in Galveston...we saw many other butterflies and knew they would be partying with their friends out there :)

Bear with Uncle Tommy
Both boys "fishing"
LT started Kinder today! Woo hoo! Now he is a true "big kid" going to a "big kid school" like a lot of his friends. We knew plenty of neighbors and friends from pre-school, so he felt right at home. There were no tears from LT, and none from yours truly either, I am proud to say :) He was ready for us to take off right after he sat down in his seat. I can't wait to pick him up to hear all about his day.

Grammy and Pa were so sweet and took LT school shopping for his first day. They got him a Bakugan backpack, lunchbox, and thermos...along with some fun pool toys for he and Bear. Logan also picked out his first day of school shirt...please notice the "big boy" skateboards below...
Bear has been enjoying being the only man of the house since LT's departure. He will have that coveted role for approximately 2-3 months until baby brother comes along. We attended a playgroup with a number of HIS friends today. A lot of our previous activities were centered around big brother, so he had a blast playing with kiddos just his age.