Sunday, February 21, 2010

First trip...

Thursday night we had our first "official" trip to the ER. Now, I am sure you are thinking...wowza, you sure have a bunch going on - and now this??? My thoughts exactly! Logan somehow (neither Corey nor myself saw the actual incident) had a collision with the wood floor and his chin. I knew the injury was bad because he seemed to be beside himself regarding the pain immediately. When I took a look at it, I knew we were in for a trip.

I understand now why so many people get stitches on their chin - it is a bad spot. Your head does a lot of moving about, so when you get a hole there, it is a given you will get stitches...which was our case. Mom came over and was hoping to do some skin glue to repair the injury. (This is one of those times I so appreciate having a nurse for a Mom.) Upon seeing the site she knew we were headed into the ER.

We went in and LT did awesome! The shots to numb the site were the worst part...and otherwise, we walked out with 6 blue stitches. How did the doc know it was LT's favorite color? Well, I think they give blue to everyone, but he still felt pretty special. The incident went down at 8pm, we were home and had him in bed by 9:30...not bad!! I think I am blessed to have not been into the ER prior to now...and pretty excited about our first experience.

Brody also wanted to get a shot of his chin:
Sorry to have you look up LT's nose, I couldn't get a good shot of it otherwise!

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's the update...right?

Well, after dropping the big news of putting our house on the market in my last blog, we received an offer on our house lickety split! The prospective buyer offered us our listing price, and additionally wants us out of our house on the 25th of this month...yes, that's right, the 25th. Since that information was brought to us, I have been busying myself with a number of moving duties...packing, fixing the issues that came back on the inspection report, finding a place to live, etc. The last one is the most daunting of them all. We have placed an offer on a foreclosed home and are really hoping for the best on that - but realistically we will be homeless on the 25th. (Even if we get the foreclosed house!) Additionally, Corey and I don't want to be rushed into getting a house that isn't "it." I have looked at a number of options for short term, but feel as though we will be moving to Coppell for the short term. The price, length of stay, and size is just right for our needs. It should be an adventure!

In other news, we had 11 whopping inches of snow here. Yes, that is a date that will go down in history as the most snow EVER received here. I will say that I feel as though Dallas has responded well to the conditions (even though every single school district was closed.) The problem we have, is that we don't really own snow plows here that do heavy duty work. So all 11 inches are just hanging out in the street...awesome! The boys have had a good time playing in it - although Brody quits early and gets cold. I have also figured out that I need to add some sassy boots to my wardrobe to slush around in this stuff. Tennies just don't cut it! Additionally, I just don't know how all you northerners do it with ALL of the wet clothes...ugh! I can't keep up with all the stuff that is wet, and cold. We often times break out in random prayer around our house (although, not as often as I would prefer!) and LT said "Thank you Jesus for ALL of this fabulous snow, please don't let the sun come out and melt it!"

Finally, LT has a mohawk. That's right, he has a mohawk. His friend Eli was sporting a mohawk by spiking his hair up, and LT's just won't do that. His is too thick and matted down to his head. So, I allowed Corey to cut it into a mohawk on Sunday afternoon. It's only hair right??? He looks pretty cute with it and I figure this is the time for him to do it - versus when he is 16...I hope he is getting some of his creativity out now. He also decided to put a tattoo across his forehead the same day...the following is a picture of him: