Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potty training part 2?

You might think I am just off my rocker to even think of training my youngest little bub. I think I am crazy and we have barely started. My friend was nice enough to donate some little bub Elmo underwear, size 2T. Bear has been doing some potty attempts and has been really liking the sweet treat perks associated with going potty. Now, here are the reasons I think this endeavor is a BAD idea:
1) You shouldn't potty train (says doctors) prior to any significant upcoming life yet another move coming up in May...hmmm, just what we are planning on doing.
2) I swore I was going to have Bear BEGGING to sit his hiney on the potty vs. me BEGGING him to handle it.
3) Just this morning in our 2nd underwear attempt he pooped and peed in his bright shiney new Elmo undies. (2 different pairs!)
4) We are still having potty issues with his big brother. Now, big brother has issues of his own, but he still has problems determining when to go ahead and make his way to the bathroom...sometimes it is just too hard to tear away from playing with his matchbox cars, ya know? I have that problem all the time when reading the White House/Black Market catalog :)

Reasons why I think this is a good idea:
1) We are in the rental house - seriously, pee and poop all over this bad boy, it isn't my carpet and we will be leaving the stains behind. (This has been my motto in this beaut from day #1, and it is kind of nice to be able to shrug this stuff off.)
2) Have you ever seen a 2T hiney in 2T underwear? It is truly just about the cutest thing you have ever seen...even when the underwear gets all faded from all of the accident washings. Although I am a little biased of course!
3) I think we can get out of the initial "oh, I just peed/pooped and it doesn't just go away like it does in my diaper" the underwear is a goner, right to the wash - and later tweak the true accidents...maybe.

One other note - I am sure many of you know the true fabulousness of Pandora radio, but just in case you don't, you will love it. Just hop on there and it whips up a sassy little station right up your alley. This side note is brought to you by Pandora radio - Jess' fave and it should be yours too. (I am jamming to it right now and it just makes me happy, and I thought it might make you happy too!)
p.s. These pics are not cooperating and honestly, you get the picture (pardon the pun!)