Friday, June 19, 2009

The sky is falling...

Last week there was literally a tornado right here in the Mound. Now, the tornado wasn't on our street, although if you saw my street you might think so. There are trees, limbs, roof shingles, fences - everywhere. We were extremely blessed to not have any significant damage following the storm. We all did take cover in our "safe place" after hearing the tornado sirens and seeing my backyard furniture FLY across my backyard. I truly can't imagine how Dorothy felt!

Corey and I were blessed to celebrate our 7th year of marriage together. I know, we can't believe it has been 7 years either! Auntie Em was sweet enough to offer to babysit for the occasion and we went out on a date night. We went to dinner and a movie, which doesn't often happen with kiddos. (For all of you who are preggers out there, get your movie going on!) We had a lovely evening and were so lucky to be able to have a night out sans kids! Thanks again Em!

This week has been full of adventures. Our pool was broken, which is a pretty big deal mid-June with 100 degree days. It just wasn't clean, which meant Corey and I were cleaning it with the brush and net - - - ugh! Additionally, even worse, our AC has been out for the past 3 days. The AC people have come out 2 different times to have the same result...HOT HOUSE. Mom let us stay at her house last night so we were far more comfortable than we would have been on Sumac. I think we are going to take the plunge and invest in a new unit...ours is 13 years old and has been through the ringer!

The boys have been taking swim lessons this week and have done great! I just love our swim teacher and she has truly done wonders again this year. Logan is working on his form and is now swimming on his back. Brody is also doing awesome. He knows how to hold his breath and pseudo-swim. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the progress he has made. I was initially going to wait to do lessons until next summer, but I am so glad I changed my mind. He is truly a little fish!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Brody LOVES his big brother.  Sometimes Logan LOVES Brody, but others not so much.  Brody likes to do a lot of the same things that Logan does if he can.  If Logan yells, Brody yells.  If Logan goes outside, Brody has to go outside.  If Logan spits in the sink after brushing his teeth, Brody spits...ALL OVER THE PLACE.  WHAT?  There have been a number of indicators that I have 3 boys in this house, but Brody randomly spitting just to be like his brother tops the cake.

We are trying to get Brody to "use his words" more often.  He has been able to get away with pointing or growling to get what he wants and has been pretty successful.  Our doc is trying to get him to "use his words" to try to increase his vocabulary.  Although he is talking more, there will be a day when I want him to STOP talking.  I can't imagine TWO boys in the backseat talking 100 miles an hour.  
We put the smackdown on a new bike and bike trailer for me.  I was in such love with the bike trailer, I bought that first prior to buying a bike.  Now, most ladies would truly appreciate the fact that I was trying to save a buck by buying one that was used, Corey was highly annoyed.  I have packed the boys up in the trailer and headed out into the wide open.  The boys seem to like the trailer and look SO CUTE in it!  They are snug as a bug in a rug in there. 
For me the ride is either super easy or super difficult with them in the back.  We are actually headed for a ride this morning prior to shopping with Auntie Em.  (Em is finally out of school and summer has started for her...woo hoo!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime

I just can't believe how quickly summer sets in.  Every night getting the boys in bed at a decent hour is more and more difficult.  We are outside all the time.  For instance, this morning we went to the park for 2 hours, then after Brody's nap we were pool side for an additional 3 hours.  Both boys are sleeping good at night, and aren't sleeping in, why?  Good question, that is one of my life's mysteries!

We are currently trying to update our room.  Mom and I have been in the "sweat shop" this week and have been sewing up a storm to make a duvet cover, bed skirt, pillows and shams.  Phew!  We have completed the above projects we simply need to do curtains next.  We are also trying to get the wedding quilt done for Allyson & Archie too.  (And there are even more projects in action!)

I am also getting myself geared up for a demolition in my bathroom.  We are ripping out our tile and re-doing our shower, tub, and floor in our bathroom.  I am super excited to have the project complete.  (And we haven't even started yet!)  

Okay, I need to get to bed for another big summer day at the Trent house.  Tomorrow we have a birthday party, Aunt Betty is coming in town, then we are having another pool shin dig with our neighbors and Auntie Em.  I am sleepy just thinking about it :)