Friday, January 22, 2010

I am the Mom who...

I am the Mom who:
- Has a tinkerbell wand in her purse which goes off and makes a magical sound every couple steps
- Had a tupperware bowl in my garage which had dead moths in it awaiting "M week" for show and tell
- Knows Track #12 on Disc 6 is "Tickle Time" and knows that Track #2 is "You Are My Sunshine" and Track #22 is "5 Little Speckled Frogs"
- Has to read the title of each one of "Curious George" to the boys...even though they don't really get the clever meanings of them
- Has a dance party right in the kitchen at least once a week...I too am a part of the party!
- Always has at least one sweet treat on hand for any boys who eat their dinner
- Had her house sparkling clean EXCEPT the boys bathroom where someone younger than 6 forgot to flush the potty after going #2 - THEN SHOWED IT TO PROSPECTIVE BUYERS!
- Has a very jealous boyfriend who is 2 years old, who does NOT like it when I hold other babies and bursts into tears if I do so
- Has 6 car seats total: 4 in my car to drive carpool, one in the garage in case I need to pick up any other kiddos, and one in my mom's car just in case
- Sees gross things every day
- Secretly puts on my lip gloss, so that the boys don't want to slobber it up
- Sits in pee on the toilet seat at least once daily in my house - you would think I would learn!
- Knows my pediatrician's phone number by heart
- Hates bananas, but has them in my house, diaper bag, and purse for all 3 of my boys
- Has cleaned up the throw up of 2 children who are not my own in the last month
- Thinks getting my teeth cleaned is a near-spa day
- Has begun hating meal time - the youngest boys don't like to be contained to their seats for 30 minutes, and I am convinced that they just might not enjoy eating all that much...I can't relate obviously!
- Isn't driven monetarily anymore, now I am driven by hugs and kisses
- Loves movie night, not for the movies, but for the snuggling
- Is almost as excited to go and get ice cream after a goal at the soccer field as my 5 year old
- Sneaks sugary cereal, I never thought I would miss it as much as I do
- Often runs a day care out of my house for my other friend's kids...everyone needs an afternoon off
- Tries to limit our TV watching to 1 hour day, like my pediatrician recommended. Some days this just isn't possible, especially during the witching hour. (5-6pm)
- Is humbled daily...just when I think I am getting to be a pro at this parenting thing, one of my boys throws me a curve ball.
- Enjoys girl time far more than I ever have previously, I also enjoy chatting on the phone, sometimes with 1-2 kids screaming/laughing/crying in the background.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I might be crazy...

Many things have been making me think I am crazy lately.

First up, running a marathon. That is just plain old buck wild CRAZY. I haven't blogged about that yet, so I thought I should start off with that - about 1 month late. (You would think I would blog about it that day, considering I finished, right?)

The marathon went great. I was super pleased with my time and my experience this year. I had been praying for good weather for months, and the Lord answered my request. We had picture perfect running weather that day - not too windy, not rainy or snowy, and not too hot or cold. My time was 4:25 this year, last year it was in the 5 hour + range. I was psyched because I really felt as though I ran my best possible race that day. I felt great. I have a sweaty pic of Em and I post race that I will put on the blog eventually after scanning it in.

I am crazy in LOVE with all 3 of my boys. The two of my youngest boys say the most precious
LT: Mommy/Daddy I love you really bad.
LT: The wind is attacking my door! (the wind was blowing super hard, making it difficult for him to shut it.)
LT: I forgot to remember.
BT: The moon is on!
BT: I lub (love) you mommy.
BT: Tem and Tal - this is what he calls his Auntie Em and Auntie Al...LT has also started using this too...

Finally, this might make me sound the craziest, but Corey and I will be putting our house on the market soon. We are hoping to get into something new before school starts next year that is a bit bigger. I have already been a HOT MESS after starting to clean and prep to put this house on the market, so I am sure that will intensify when the showings start. Feel free to keep us in your prayers that we find the house for us and that our current house sells!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Assault with cowboy boots

There is something about my little men in boots that just breaks my heart. Logan was wearing these new additions to his wardrobe all weekend out at the ranch. (Thank you Auntie Al and Uncle Archie!) They were perfect out there kicking up dirt and forging through the tall grass. He chose to wear his snazzy new boots to school today - with sweat pants. (Not my favorite choice in terms of a combo, but I try to allow independence and creativity in his daily attire.) He gets tons of compliments while wearing his new boots, I am sure you can see why...

Needless to say, I was NOT aware that boots could be used as a deadly weapon...much like they were today. It was a normal school day from what I understand until Logan chose to kick one of his friends (who is also in our carpool, which makes it even worse because the victim's Mom notified me of the incident) in the groin. Now, I can almost understand this from a girl, we just don't get the sheer pain associated with this body part, but from a boy....MY BOY???? What the freak??? So now I sit...waiting for his teacher to call to discuss "the incident." Corey and I are trying to come up with a creative punishment in which he will really "feel the pain" that he caused to his friend.

I must also admit that this parenting stuff is getting a little more difficult. I can't imagine what it is going to be like when my kids start making big mistakes, which aren't so simple to fix or create a punishment for. I feel terrible for the victim of the incident and also for my little man and the punishment he is about to embark upon. Any suggestions out there for a punishment? Send them my way!