Monday, February 23, 2009


Logan and I went on the hunt this week for the monsters that have inhibited his room. Now, many of you are thinking "there are no such thing as monsters, silly." Well, that is what Corey and I have been saying for approximately one month. Additionally, during that month the monsters were waking him up 2-5 times per night. It is kind of a vicious cycle. He wakes up, gets scared, wakes me up, I tuck him back in, get back in bed, almost fall asleep, and he comes back in again for the cycle to start all over again. It is very frustrating for me - especially since the monsters seem to leave Corey and I alone.

Logan and I took action this week to hopefully stop this madness. One of my sorority sisters sent me monster extermination tactics to enforce in my own household and we thought it would be good to give it a try. First, we sprayed "monster potion" in every room of the house. The monster potion smelled really good and of course monsters would hate that! (The monster potion was Pottery Barn room spray with a nifty label made by yours truly.) And then we made a "Monsters Keep Out!" sign to post on Logan's door. He went to bed feeling more comfortable with the tactics - - - we'll see!

Day One: Logan slept through the night :) Woo hoo!

Day Two: God is so good to me - still sleeping through the night! Wait, should I be talking about this? Shoot, I shouldn't have talked about it...I hope this doesn't jinx me! So silly, I feel like I slept 18 hours straight without the interruptions.

Day Three: I spoke too soon - we had an additional "guest" in the floor of our room...the saga continues!

Additionally, I thought I would add this picture of busy little Brody Bear. He found the Q-tips under Corey's bathroom counter and helped himself. How could you be mad at this???

We also want to wish our Nana a quick recovery from her surgery this week. We have you in our prayers and hope you feel 100% soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Healthy Trents...

I try to keep this fam as healthy as possible. Although I do appreciate the exposure to germs, it is a necessary evil. We try diligently to kill those germs before infection sets in. Although, I was thinking to myself today, really, why bother? Logan went potty in Wal-Mart today. (Yes, we have now gone 4 straight days without an accident...again, celebrate the little successes!) So he goes to the bathroom and of course touches the bathroom lock, flusher, then sink prior to "cleaning" his hands. So, I am thinking - fab, we have clean hands, let's get out of here...and then, and then, and then, UGH - HANDS ON THE TRASH CAN - YICK! Just when I thought we were in the clear, it was a "goner" as we say in our house. So that is when we try the sanitizer route. Oh well, just hope for the best I guess!

We are also implementing the fruit/veggie snack a day rule. We do 2 snacks daily around here. (Which means 5 rounds of eating per day - it is a lot of eating in general) My boys would be happy to eat carbs and fun snacks for each snack...goldfish, teddy grahams, granola bars...the list goes on and on. The boys will now be partaking in a fruit or veggie for one of our snack rounds - and they are gonna like it! There might be some whining, but I think we can rock this out.

Now after reading this say a prayer that my boys stay healthy - I hope I didn't just jinx us :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is in your freezer?

So, you know the show Cribs on MTV where the famous people show what is in their fridge/freezer...what they eat/drink and snack on? Well, I have been thinking of that show lately since my freezer has had a bandit.

The bandit is Logan. He likes putting random things in our freezer. When I say random I mean kitchen utensils and the best thing (?) to date is a light saber from Star Wars. Yep, a light saber was in my freezer - just hanging out.
Corey and I think it is funny - kind of. Other blog followers probably think it is super funny. I would if I was a blog follower - I am the Mom though, so I try to keep a straight face :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Will you be my Valentine?

So I just had to post Logan on the blog. The other morning at breakfast he said, "momma, did you know you can make a heart with your hands?" He apparently learned this oh-so-precious thing at school recently. Here is a picture of the heart hands, and then a pic of Logan smiling. We just couldn't smile and do the heart hands at the same time.

Brody is Chatty Kathy lately. He is using his words more often. Although, Corey and I are probably the only ones who can understand him. He is saying mama, dada, up, out, down, all done. So advanced, and probably genius - I know :)

Brody is still not really walking. I know previously I said he was walking, and he can walk, he just prefers crawling. He can still take about 8 steps between 2 people...heck, he can even balance and stand up then walk to you. He is just kind of chicken about the whole thing. I am trying to be patient - but we are knocking on the 15 month mark.

Both boys are so different from one another. I am amazed at how different they are each day. They have such different personalities...not that I thought they would have the same personalities...I guess I just thought they would be much more similar. For instance, we took the boys in the spa last night and Brody was completely overwhelmed and scared by the whole experience. Now, I will give him the fact that Logan in the spa with a funnoodle is quite overwhelming and scary :) Seriously, the spa is only so big. Anyways, bless Brody's heart, he took the first 10 minutes or so to warm up to the swim thing, but before too long he was quite a fish. Logan has always JUMPED into just about anything new with both feet - then figured it out. I love how different they are - that means they are going to give us different joys and challenges along the way....