Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung around this town and I am LOVING it - with the exception of my allergies. Seriously, this time of year, I might truly live outside to enjoy all things Spring if it wasn't for the sniffling and sneezing I do.

Our time has been filled with outdoor fun - non-stop. The boys and I have been relishing in the weather. We only get a short window of FAB weather, so when it is here, we are out. Last week we had the pleasure of seeing a better concert than Bon Jovi, Cher, and Celine Dion put together. That's right, we got the pleasure to see the St. Ann's preschool Spring Sing, in which LT was a star. The theme was red, white, and blue and the group sang some very patriotic songs. That's him in the front and center:

We have also been pre-occupied with some great soccer playing in our house. LT started soccer this season and has become quite the player. Thus far, he has scored one goal - in which Grandpa took him to get ice cream. His team won yesterday and we decided to do our own team pics instead of having a company do them. I think they turned out pretty well, what do you think?
Bear is finding himself smack dab in the terrible two's. Earlier this week I thought he truly might have broken my nose during a tantrum because he had to put his shorts back on. (The boy loves to sport just his diaper.) Let's just put it this way, there was a toy fishing reel that made such contact with my nose in which I was swollen, bleeding, and super grouchy. Additionally, he might have broken HIS foot after jumping off of a bed last night. He is currently limping and has been all day. Some call him Evil Kinevel, we call him Bear :)