Monday, October 26, 2009

Butterfly Flutterby

Mimi and Grandpa got a very different gift for Logan's birthday which he has thoroughly enjoyed. They got him a butterfly pavilion. It was quite a cool process....

The caterpillars arrived in 2 cups - 5 caterpillars per cup and they were tiny! There was food in the cups for the caterpillars to survive on...which was super nice, because we didn't have to do a thing! (No clean up either!) Every day they grew quite a bit in size, enough for Logan to notice a difference when he checked on them in the morning. Eventually, each caterpillar hung itself on the lid of the cup and became a cocoon. After turning into the cocoon we transferred them into the butterfly pavilion so that they could become butterflies. Throughout this process we were truly blessed because each and every one of our butterflies survived the process and more importantly survived living in our house with two small boys. I can't imagine how those things felt when being man-handled by my boys in that springy and flimsy pavilion. Yesterday was D-day for our butterflies and we let them go into the wilderness. This was an excellent choice I thought since they would far prefer being outdoors than in the pavilion, right? Well, unfortunately for the butterflies, the skies opened up yet again and we received another few inches of rain today. Hopefully, hopefully, they survived??? If you want your own butterfly pavilion you can go to

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Well, holy buckets, this month has been JAM PACKED! I would say that I might still be recovering from the fun we have had in September. I have been in denial about ALL of the fun things I need to blog about. This is going to be one FAT post so get ready...

Well, first and foremost the boys now officially have an Uncle Archie. Auntie Al (Or Tal as Brody likes to call her...I'm sure you see it - Auntie and Al mixed together makes Tal???) officially tied the knot on the 19th. We were all in mourning after the festivities came to an end. I must say that I have the most fun extended family. We partied for a full week to celebrate their marriage and I didn't want to stop. Now, I am sure you were wondering where the boys were during all of this partying...well, they were in attendance for some of the events.

LT was a ring bearer at the wedding itself. He was incredibly handsome and did a fantastic job walking down the aisle. After doing the walk is somewhat of a different story. He got to the front and LAID out in the front pew. Truly, legs in the air...the whole bit. Don't mind the fact that the flower girl was perfectly well behaved...but that is the difference between boys and girls, right? Seriously, doesn't he look precious?

During the rehearsal dinner and the reception, the boys were having some fun of their own. I must give a "shout out" to Miss Leah, one of Auntie Em's friends who watched the boys. She brought all kinds of fun with her: new books and movies. The boys had a blast and we enjoyed some grown up time without having to chase the boys around during dinner. It was such a blessing knowing they were in such good hands.

Finally, the other whopping event this month was LT's birthday. I know, I can't believe it either. This little man is growing like a weed, right before my eyes. We of course celebrated all month long. Seriously, I think we sand the birthday song 5 5 different shin digs. Of course he doesn't mind, he is just like me enjoying a whole month of partying for his big day :) Below is a picture of him blowing out his candles with his Pa.