Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy Holiday Bees

We have been a busy bunch of bees this holiday season! We went for our visit with Santa and Brody decided he does NOT like the jolly fat man - at all! So then the photographer suggested I hold Brody and sit on his lap, then it was suggested that the whole family pose for the picture. It has been quite a while since I have been lucky enough to see Santa :)

Brody is trying to get some "big" teeth in. He is also developing his personality and seems to be quite the sensitive type. He gets his feelings hurt easily when Corey or I tell him no. It is hard to do so with him looking so precious.
Logan had his Christmas program Thursday. He was excited because he was able to wear pjs and slippers to school. It was quite the show! I know I am a little biased, but he was the most precious kid in the program. We have been having all kinds of Christmas fun...the trains at Northpark Mall, the Gaylord Hotel decor, the Flower Mound Christmas parade, and our church group Christmas party. Corey has our house decorated with white lights and the Trent trademark star on our roof. Logan LOVES them! My aunt Betty and cousin Nicole sent us the Miller family Christmas cookies, which we have been enjoying too much :)

Logan at his program, waving to his adoring fans

Emily and I FINISHED the marathon! Hallelujah! Good God! That race was a really tough one. The wind was whipping around White Rock Lake and whipping us down to say the least. We had tons of support all over the place - from Corey's parents watching Brody overnight, to Mom, Dad, Allyson, Archie, Corey and Logan cheering us on in 5 spots around the race. All of your support was truly a blessing, we couldn't have done it without you. I am really thankful for my hubs who has had Daddy duty for the last 4 months on Saturdays during my long runs. He has been so patient and helpful during my training. I will say it was much harder than I remembered during my last one. Emily at one point said "you didn't tell me how much this was going to suck!"

Em and I running with her roommate, Carrie from college

Allyson is "handling up" on the wedding madness. She has the reception and church booked, she has also ordered "save the date" cards to send out. We were able to go out and do some bridesmaid dress shopping the other night with the boys. I wish I had gotten a picture of Logan trying on a short sassy number. (He really did too!) Brody was crawling all over the shop - even on the stage and under the dresses. Quite a different experience than my previous shopping endeavors! Here is the link to see the dress she picked out. You will have to wait to see the colors of the dress!

Corey and I were lucky enough to go to the Cowboys last game in Texas Stadium. For those of you who don't know, we are moving into a new fabulous stadium next year. Corey's friend even let us go down on the field to see the players warming up. Corey was so excited, although we were a smidge cold. I am so glad we don't live in Green Bay or New England - because you would NEVER catch me at a football game!

Merry Early Christmas! We hope you remember the reason for the season at your house and enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving out at the ranch. We brought Corey's parents' RV down to the ranch as well for a "trial run" for New Years when the entire Miller family will be in town. It makes me laugh when Corey drives the big rig. Logan and Brody liked it too. We slept in there every night for a full adventure experience. Logan was in heaven because it was the best of both worlds...the ranch and the RV in one place...
Well, we are getting all geared up for Jesus' birthday. Logan, Brody, and I decorated the tree, hung the stockings, and set up our nativity scenes (with the exception of Jesus - he will arrive on Christmas day!) on Monday afternoon. Brody has done exceptionally well with the tree and ornaments thus far...Logan has actually been the challenge with turning the lights on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off....ugh! We also adopted a family from our church to buy gifts for. Logan helped me pick out the gifts and we are going to bring them to church with us this weekend.

The Christmas tree and stockings were created by Mom, Em, and I. I am so glad they are done, although I am thrilled with the outcome :) There were days that my house was like a sweat shop! Thanks to Mom and Em for your help.

Brody has been sick over the past couple of days. (Please say a prayer I don't get what he has before the marathon!) He has been having a couple of rough days and is obviously not feeling well. He has been super clingy and fussy. (Although I won't complain about him being clingy, because that just means he is snuggly with his mom!) He makes the funniest face which Corey and I have been trying to get a picture of for weeks. Below is the best one we were able to get:

Logan got all "outstanding" marks from his teacher in his class. He is doing great and can even count to 50 all by himself. He and Corey are reading "The Dangerous Book for Boys" and Logan is especially liking studying the planets. It really is precious watching them both on the couch together. I am "not allowed" to read the book since it is just for boys :)

The marathon is in about one week. I am so excited to get started! There should be about 17,000 of my closest friends running it with us too. (ugh!) This race should be interesting because I will be in "Mom-mode" the day after the race. The last time I ran a marathon, I had no kids and was able to recover for 2 days following in bed and at my desk at work. This year I think I am going to be at a place called Boomerangs the next day for a birthday party - definitely a different recovery! Corey is going to be at the race with Logan, along with Mom, Dad, Allyson, and Archie. Thanks in advance for your support!