Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brody is quite the bruiser these days.  That little sugar takes a good tumble about 3-4 times a day at least.  Shoot, today at the park Brody had 3 pretty significant spills.  (2 of which were face plants!)  Last week we were at our friends' house and Brody fell, much like he always does, since he started walking, and about 1 hour later Brody looked like this:
What the freak happened?  Well, that is what I am still wondering today.  People have asked me all week long - and I have no clue, other than the fact that he fell.  Call me a bad mom, call Brody clumsy - just call me clueless!

Logan has had a couple of rough days getting back to normal after Easter.  I have called it an Easter behavior hangover.  Logan's teacher said that the whole class was in time out today at recess.  He has had a tough time listening since Sunday...some of that is fatigue since the big day, the rest I don't know...maybe too much sugar?  :)

Logan has been so funny lately about bedtime stories.  He likes a good story right out of our head before he goes to sleep.  Thus far, Corey and I have been pretty good at pulling a stories out of our heads - but recently Logan has started making "suggestions" on what should be included in the nighttime story.  For instance, tonight it was kind of like a Mad Lib - he gave me 3 things to incorporate in the story: blanket, crab, falling into my throat.  So the story went something like this:
Once upon a time there was a little boy who was playing on a blanket at the beach.  He was having such a good time he lost track of how long he had been there - then he had to leave really quickly to go home to his Mommy & Daddy.  He shook out the blanket and out popped a crab that went flying into the air.  The crab was swirling, the crab was twirling, RIGHT into the boy's throat!  The boy started coughing and spitting and the crab flew out and learned never to play in a blanket again.  The End 

Take that Dr. Seuss!  HA!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter madness

Well, it is about the time of year for the Easter bunny to make his appearance.  We have already been blessed to attend 2 hunts this year!  Brody is enjoying the fun, and although I should have pictures of these events, I don't.  The first hunt, I was helping to put it on, and things were a little crazy prior to the actual hunt.  Let's just say that I have serious respect for the big bunny and I can only imagine what it would be like to put out about 300+ eggs for 30ish kiddos.  Logan was so excited that initially he said "I'm excited" and then shortly after asked if he should be scared.   I just think he was trying to find another word to express his excitement.  It was a beautiful afternoon enjoyed by all.  

The second hunt, wasn't nearly as much of a success.  We got there right in the nick of time for it to start and at that VERY moment, Logan decided to turn into a cling-on.  He wrapped himself around my legs and started being shy...which doesn't work well for the egg hunt atmosphere.  They said "on your mark, get set, go!"  and Logan just looked up at me.   I encouraged him to go get the eggs and even went with him and we were able to pick up 5.  To some this might be a victory, but we were supposed to get 15 so Logan burst into tears.   The wind was blowing like a hurricane and since Logan chose not to wear a jacket, he was also freezing to add to the drama of the hunt.  At that very moment we decided to "take it to the house" and call it a day!   Even if Logan hadn't had enough - I had!

I headed out to the ranch this weekend to play with the girls.  I went out with the sisters and a couple of their friends.  I giggled quite a bit this weekend and had a blast.  We played board games and went fishing.  I caught 3 fish with 2 casts - seriously.  Just call me Jimmy Dance - or whatever that famous fisherman's name is.  We ate all weekend and also enjoyed some adult beverages as well.  We even made time for a quick stop at the Ghosttown museum in Thurber, TX.  Did you know that Thurber had over 10,000 people in it's population at one time and now the population is 5?  Strange, but true :)

Have a great Holy Week!