Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bedtime -

So bedtime at the Trent house should include the following: Bath, Book, Bed (+ Prayers too). Bedtime with 2 boys has continued to evolve into more and more of a process. Getting both boys into bed earlier with the school year has also added complications.

Typically, our evening ensures a number of ups and downs prior to the boys being asleep. Each night is a new adventure, although many times it is comical. For instance, tonight included the following:
Bath - both boys took a bath, and needed a bath badly! Bear had dried snot on his face with dirt mixed in - yick! There was also paint under fingernails, and more dirt there too...

Breathing Treatment - Bear is once again struggling with his breathing, so twice daily, the boys get a break in the action for Bear to inhale a smoky concoction through a nebulizer treatment.

Brush teeth - Hmmm, which brush to use? Can I use your toothpaste? I want to do it first! Whoops, don't mind the toothpaste all over the counter...not to mention the cap of the toothpaste tube.

Hydration - both boys get to have 4 drops of water prior to bed (approximately, I am joking kind of, but not really), not to much so that we don't have an accident, but this is also an integral part of the routine.

Kleenex - Bear feels it necessary to clean out his nostrils prior to hitting the hay...God forbid us forget!

Bathroom - Everyone needs to take a potty break, no matter how small the attempt. Bear has this down to a science and often goes to the bathroom 3 times within an hour time frame prior to being asleep. Yes, he really is going - he knows this is the only thing he can get out of bed for, and he works it!

Hostage negotiation - this was a new step this evening. LT asked if he could sleep with one of Bear's stuffed animals. Bear is a REALLY good sharer with his brother, so of course he said yes. LT then offered to let Bear borrow one of his "guys." Bear picked out one and that is when all heck broke loose. Poor hubs walked into this mess right in the middle and ended up doing the negotiation. We knew things weren't going to go well RIGHT at bedtime - not the best idea in general. LT ended up crying himself to sleep with the stuffed animal on the floor. Bear, of course, went to bed happy with a new "guy" in his bed.

Infirmary - Bear often takes his time going to sleep. It seems to just take him longer to settle down. LT is asleep in 3 minutes, literally. Bear came out 30 minutes after getting in bed with a bloody lip. When asked what he was doing, he gave me a visual of a somersault into his headboard. Not really settling down in my opinion...Seriously???

Can you believe that they get any sleep at all with this drama???

Monday, October 18, 2010

Had a rough week...

So no baby yet, that isn't what made last week a doozie. We had quite an illness that was hanging over our house for the week. (God willing, I will not get infected!) All 3 of my boys almost died last week from some unknown virus. (Not really, but it seemed that way.) Corey brought it home from work and the rest was history. The week went something like this:

Tuesday night: I woke up around 3:45am and couldn't get back to sleep. I figured, this is good practice for when baby arrives, so I just rocked out my day accordingly - and did a pretty dang good job if I do say so myself :)

Wednesday night: I nestled myself snuggly into my bed for a long night sleep which was quickly interrupted by Bear around midnight. He took a number of trips to the bathroom throughout the night and needed my help. When he was in bed, he slept like a hot potato hopping all over the place. His belly did NOT feel good.

Thursday night: Again, nestling myself into my bed for a long night sleep, which was quickly interrupted by LT. He comes down to our room and I was nice enough to let him climb in with us. BAD CHOICE. His entry into our bed means absolutely NO sleep for this Mama. He too might as well have been doing the Macarena in bed because he was ALL over the place. I was still in good spirits feeling sorry for my guy, so again I rocked out the next day under 4ish hours of sleep.

Friday night: After keeping LT home from school, I felt for sure that the end was drawing near, the other two had finished up within 24 hours, so I was banking on a good night's sleep. Not so lucky. LT had another bad night on Friday and was still puny Saturday.

After being sequestered to the house all week and going on just a few hours of sleep for the week, I was starting to get into real bad place. Luckily the cloud lifted on Saturday and all beings under this roof were better.

Around this time during pregnancy I am prepared to do a sort of "boot camp" in the sleep department. This is somewhat like God's prep course for baby's arrival. I am up a number of times during the night going to the bathroom or just up being uncomfortable...but last week takes the cake! Like Mimi said, thank heavens this happened now instead of after baby's arrival...