Sunday, March 22, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like you "stuck out like a sore thumb" in a situation?  Well, that very thing happened to me this weekend.  I woke up bright and early to head to the YMCA for "Instructor's choice" class at 8:15 on Saturday.  I thought I was doing myself a good thing, when in fact, I had no idea I was stepping into a whole other world all together.   Have you ever heard of "around the world, the charleston, a kick out, over the top?"  Well, I hadn't either - and apparently it is like a secret language among this select group of individuals who attend Step class on a regular basis.  I really felt like I was in a drill team, and everyone else knew the routine but me.  I guess that either I am highly uncoordinated - or I need a tutorial class to get me up to speed on this stuff.  Just when I would finally understand how to do the charleston while using the bench, she would move on to the next method of torture. 
During the class the instructor had us run a few laps around the track which I completed pretty quickly.  I was briefly proud of myself then realized I should have more energy than the rest of the class because I wasn't doing any of the step aspects of the class.  After my hour of humiliation the instructor asked if I would be staying for the next class - SERIOUSLY?  There are people that subject themselves to not only one but TWO hours of that?  Needless to say, I will not be attending "Instructors Choice" again any time soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break

Is Spring Break ever really a break?  I guess it is a break from school for some.  (Like my sister Em who is partying like a rock star in Rome right now!)  Our fam went in a number of directions for Spring Break this year.  Logan went with Grammy, Pa, Stacy, and his cousins to Fossil Rim park on Monday and got back on Wednesday.  Corey went to join them to enjoy fun in the sun with the dinosaurs.  All had a great time and everyone is going to bed early tonight...including Corey and I.

Mimi, Brody, and I trekked it down to Austin/San Marcos from Monday thru Wednesday.  We did swing by the LBJ Library on our way down to get our "tourist card" punched.  Then the shopping began at the San Marcos outlets.   If you haven't been before, these things 
are SERIOUS.   It is like 3 malls in one...and our favorite White House/Black Market always pleases our crowds.  Mom and I kept the place in business.  
Then tragedy struck on the way home from Austin...I got yet another TICKET.  I was going 81 in a 70 and he gave me a ticket.  Can you believe that???  I clearly cannot!  This is my 2nd ticket in a 6 month time period.  Boy it sure makes me grouchy!  Corey was so glad we were home that he wasn't even mad about it.  What a sweet hubs I have!  I will also add that we saw 10 cops on the way home though, so I was in good company :)  I am in a better place about the whole thing, really.
The drive from San Marcos to Dallas is about 4 hours long.  After about 2 hours, Brody was just about done with the whole "passenger" thing.  Additionally, the portable DVD player has been on it's last legs over the past couple trips we have taken.  The DVD player "bit the dust" as Daddy would say on the way down to San Marcos.  Mom and I took drastic measures
 to get home and swung by Best Buy to get a new one. (Hey, we would need a new one anyways, right?)  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who needs clean clothes?

Who needs clean clothes?

Well, unfortunately, my entire household of boys need clean clothes. This need creates a TON of laundry around here. Many of you might not understand the sheer volume of laundry done on a weekly basis at the Trent house. I do approximately 8 loads per week. Usually, Monday is laundry day. I do laundry from sun up to sun down (and it might even overlap until Tuesday if I am lucky!) Some of you might think - "wow, 8 loads of laundry per week, that is crazy talk!" It is crazy - I remember the day when I used to do 2 loads for little old me every week or two. I want to send a big THANK YOU out to my dad who helps us keep these clothes clean with Ecolab soap. It works great and saves us a TON of money for our fam.

Additionally, the news around our house is that bear is walking...truly. It has been a long awaited step for him, and he is doing it! A lot! It is so cute, because Logan is so excited for Brody. He keeps giving me updates on what he is doing throughout the day..."Mom, he just turned around, Mom, Brody just walked from your room to the kitchen, Mom, Brody is going fast..." Brody is precious, because although he looks like Frankenstein when he walks, he is SO proud of himself. We are so excited for him!

In other news, Logan FINALLY went 7 full days without having a potty accident during the day. Now, 7 days to some people might seem like not very much, but we have been working on a full week "clean and dry" for about a month now. Truly. We would go 5 days, then start over again, go 6 days and start over, etc. The prize for this feat was a brand new shiny light saber. Logan was SO excited and proud of himself. Now he can also have a light saber war with the other kids in the neighborhood. Light Sabers are a big deal on Sumac right now. We have approximately 6 boys on our street who bring them out along with their inner Luke Skywalker :) Hopefully this one won't end up in our freezer. (see previous post) Right now, it is in Logan's hamper for "safe keeping while he sleeps."

We want to wish Grandpa Gruninger a belated Happy Birthday!! It was on Wednesday - we hope you had a great day. The boys and I celebrated by basking in the great weather at the zoo in Ft. Worth. Thank heavens for such great weather this week. We have been really enjoying it sun up to sun down...