Monday, October 27, 2008

The Biggest Boy Brody

Brody has been so big over the past 24 hours! He has had a really big day...

First, yesterday afternoon he got up on all 4's in a true crawl position. As I mentioned previously, he has been doing an army crawl quite well over the past few weeks. So maybe he will really crawl before he walks???

Second, last night he pulled himself up on our armoire all by himself. Now, this I am NOT excited about. We have gotten into the habit of putting all things not "Brody friendly" up on the table or couch. Now I really need to get serious about babyproofing :) I will try to get a picture of him standing next time. I was too worried about him doing a faceplant into the edge of our loveseat!

Finally, tonight I found Brody in Logan's room sitting up. He had gone from his belly into a sitting position all by himself. I have been waiting for him to do these things for quite a while and he did them all!

We had Open House tonight at Logan's school. We met his teachers, looked at projects, and made a craft. Following the classroom visit, we were fortunate enough to have sweet treats at a reception :) I will be sure to take lots of pics at our Halloween activities this week!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Let the festivities begin!

We have good news from our house! Auntie Al and Archie are FINALLY engaged! Woo Hoo! They actually got engaged a week and a half ago, but Al wanted to surprise Aunt Betty and Uncle Ken with her ring. They are faithful readers of the "Two Trent Boys" blog, and I didn't want to ruin the surprise! They are meeting with Father Michael this week in hopes of setting a late September date! As Logan said, "congratulations on your married!"

We have lots of Halloween activities going on this month. Tons of parties and costume wearing opportunities. The first shin dig was Friday with our MYC group. Logan and Brody are both dressing as dinos. Below is a picture from the party:

We had a great day over at Grammy and Pa's on Sunday. All of the boys were there and we got some good pics. (Much better than most! Trying to get all of the boys in one spot smiling at one time, often seems to be a challenge for us!) Our boys had a blast and enjoyed a delicious dinner with the fam!

We enjoyed a middle school football game this evening. It was some good Fall fun! We walked down to the middle school and stayed for a couple of quarters. Logan felt like such a big boy and Corey even enjoyed some of the game.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall is here!

We had an exciting weekend with lots of adventures. On Friday we went out to the pumpkin patch with our playgroup and had a fab time. Mimi was nice enough to join us since my car was in the shop and we had no transportation. We took some really precious pics of the boys and it was a beautiful day filled with bounce houses, hayrides, hay mazes, and of course pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

Saturday we went to our Flower Mound Fire Station Open House. Logan got to go in and check out the fire trucks, and ambulances. They even had free hot dogs and sprites. What more could you ask for in an adventure??? The entire fam went and enjoyed a lovely day out.

Little bear is still having breathing issues. He is on a new med before each meal and we have stopped the breathing treatments. (Thank heavens!) He woke up with his first cold earlier this week, so he has been a bit fussy. He is mopping my house with his army crawl and is really starting to get sassy with his older brother. (And me!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Howdy Folks!

We had an eventful weekend at the Trent household. On Friday Corey took off work to go to Brody's eye appointment with me. (Corey has really been so awesome, he has attended all of these appointments with me - gold star for the hubs!) We went to Brody's opthamology appointment at 7:45, it was somewhat traumatic for Brody, but we are hoping that his goopy eyes are gone! Logan was lucky enough to miss the appointment and get to stay at Grammy and Pa's house overnight. After the appointment, we took a family trip to the State Fair. (For those of you who haven't been that is where the subject of this post is from...Big Tex, picture above, always says, "Howdy Folks" to incoming visitors.) After eating our way through the state fair, including a fried s'more, we were all SPENT! We spent 4 and 1/2 hours there, with no melt downs to speak of from either boy...awesome!

On Sautrday, the boys and I went to the Nasher Sculpture Center with Auntie Em and had a wonderful time! The weather was fabulous and we only spent $1.50 for the entire day at the museum. (The $1.50 was for parking too!) Auntie Em was super sweet and watched the boys that night so that Corey and I could go and have a date night.

Today we are off to Logan's 4 year old appointment!