Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break!

Many people trek out to Orlando for Disney World, or the Bahamas, our group decided to stay right here in the heart of TX. Although staying right here, I am trying to make this week super fun and special. The fun thing is the kids are absolutely digging it. Now, who wouldn't dig the following:
1) Going to the ranch for 3 days with Mimi and Auntie Em - always a crowd pleaser?
2) Going on a hike after playing at the park
3) Having lunch at Costco and having special "breakfast for dinner" options including cereal and waffles?
3) Playing with tons of friends
4) Having movie morning and movie night - we normally don't get to watch movies, simply because you end up in front of the TV for 1.5-2 hours minimum, but this week is Spring Break...let's get crazy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who moved my cheese? Seriously.

For those of you "cheese" readers, my cheese has definitely been moved. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we received an offer on our house in approximately 2 days after putting it on the market. 25 days later and we are moved out of Sumac. We leave behind many faithful neighbors and pool-goers who will be greatly missed. The main reason we didn't want to leave our 'hood' was because of our fab neighborhood. Our entire fam will miss all of our good friends and neighbors who we became so close to.
Our house on Sumac that will be greatly missed
Our last night at our Sumac house was fun too - Corey suggested to have a family camp out in our old house for the last hoorah. I think everyone loved it, even me considering how exhausted I was after moving that day. Corey set up our 12 man tent in the empty living room and all four of us camped out that night. We roasted marshmallows, told ghost stories, and everyone got to stay up past their bedtime. I am glad that we ended on a high note, because otherwise I would have been weepy about leaving that house. When we moved into that house, Corey and I were newlyweds with no kids. We had lots of responsibilities to work and friends at that time. Looking at how far we have come and how much we (and our family) has grown makes the house that much more special. BUT, a house is really just a house without your things and your love in it :)

The boys peeking out of the tent
So, where are we living, I am sure you are wondering. Our fam took a time machine back to 1985 and moved into Coppell to #425. We chose to move back to the 80's because the price was cheaper, and the place was bigger for all of our stuff. Although I don't love the wood grain counters or blue and pink floral wallpaper, I think overall it was a good temporary move. Shortly after moving in, I also realized that homes built before the 90's don't come with a built in microwave. I realized that AFTER moving in when I was cooking lunch. The boys like this little house because it has an open backyard to play in whenever they want and also a little tiny room that is ALL theirs for their toys.

Our beauty of a rental
While moving I feel like I fell into a black abyss during these last few weeks, so I wonder who knows where we are and if we are ever coming back to real life. I felt like the move was consuming my ENTIRE life and I am glad it is over - one more move into a real house to go!

Speaking of real houses, we have a contract on a house, not far from where we were living previously. It is a foreclosure home, so we will need to do some work prior to moving in, thank goodness we are renting this beauty for 3 long months :)
The house we are going to close on
I also need to thank all of the people who have helped us over the last month. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of love, prayer, and support our family has received through this process. People have watched the kids, packed a box, unpacked a box, made us dinner, organized shoes, and just loved us through this endeavor. We are truly thankful to each and every one of you!