Friday, November 21, 2008

Yep, it has been a while!

Well, it has been a very eventful couple of weeks since my last post. We had 2 birthdays in our house - Corey and Brody! Corey turned the big 3-1, and Brody was the big 1. No, I can't believe either of my boys are that big :) Both of them had a great day and Brody really likes cake already - he gets that from his mom I'm sure. Logan and I decorated a cake for their birthdays and Logan thought he should have a piece that was literally 1/4 of the cake. Totally out of control!

Brody is truly crawling these days - actually on all 4's. He uses the army crawl (see below) to get somewhere in a hurry, and does the true crawl when he feels as though he can take his time to get somewhere. He and Logan are getting a crash course on sharing. Brody has been "visiting" Logan more often all over the house. He had his 1 year check and all went well, until the shots, of course! Brody is now sitting forwards in the car next to Logan. It is so weird to have both of them looking at me when I turn around.

Logan is really trying to rock out potty training. Corey and I are still living in potty training heck, but hoping to get out of here soon. Logan is all geared up for Thanksgiving. His class had a Thanksgiving feast and dressed up like pilgrims and Native Americans. He had a great time opening up Brody and Corey's birthday gifts.
I need to give a "thank you" to Corey and my mom for helping with the boys during my marathon madness. There are 20 short days until our race. (Thank heavens!) We have truly been planning our entire weekends around "the long run" and I truly couldn't have even thought about doing this feat without the support of my fam. December 14th is D-Day...feel free to come out, pray, or just send us positive thoughts. WE (My sister Emily, my neighbor, and Emily's roommate from college) CAN DO THIS!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend blues...

Well, my title shouldn't be weekend blues, it should be weekday blues. I am bummed that my sweet hubs is headed back to work tomorrow. We have had a fun weekend - although pretty low key. Here are a few highlights from this weekend:

1) Allyson and Archie survived the Breast Cancer 3 day walk! Woo hoo! Congrats to them as well as their friends Jennifer and Chris who also walked with them. That's right folks, they "handled up" on 60 short miles over the course of 3 days throughout the Dallas area. We were able to go and cheer them on at a couple of spots. The boys love any opportunity to see their Aunties!

2) Brody is not only pulling himself up, but is has also started scooting with his feet just a bit. He has already proved to be much more of a "brute" than his brother. (Maybe it is because his brother is bullying up on him???) Anyways, Brody is truly head butting and biting already. I really don't remember Logan doing that at all. That is one step I kind of wish we would just skip! I swear he almost gave me a bloody nose the other day. Brody also went down the slide for the first time today

3) Today we were at the park and Corey decided to HARD kick the soccer ball into a gutter. So he strides down there to get it and truly might have broken his big toe. He said he would have dropped down to the ground, but since there was another dad at the park Corey played it cool until we were behind the portable buildings. FUN-NY! My hubs was officially feeling 31 at that moment!

On Tuesday is Corey's birthday and we will be celebrating in style! He will be the big 3-1! Auntie Em has offered to babysit for the boys so that we can have a date night. Thank you Em!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October is over!

Well, Emily and I completed the half marathon in Dallas. Don't worry, there was no need for an ambulance for us. It was a beautiful day with lots of spectators! A big thank you to Allyson, Archie, Jennifer, Chris, Kelly, Logan, and Brody for coming out and cheering like crazy! It was so helpful to have cheerleaders there! We really appreciate it. Emily and I finished around 2 hours, 10 minutes - which is right around where we wanted to be. There are 6 short weeks until we do the full marathon. Feel free to pray for us now :)

Brody is pulling himself up more often lately - and he thinks he is hot stuff! I took a pic of him pulling himself up on the dishwasher. He can't really look around and pose while standing, just too much going on!
Allyson and Archie have set a date for next year. The official date is the 19th of September. Woo hoo! Let the planning madness begin!

Halloween was tons of fun on Friday. We had a pizza party on our cul-de-sac prior to trick or treating. Our friends, Amanda, Cody, and Luke came over to party with us that night as well. Logan took a nap earlier in the day, so he was able to stay up until 9pm that night. I think everyone had a blast - including Corey and I!