Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Will the fun ever stop?

Seriously, just after having Corey's surprise shin dig...we truly celebrated with a family party last Wednesday. Then last weekend we headed for the desert - as Logan likes to call it - to visit my Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Donna, and Aunt Elaine. I have to give a serious shout out to my fam for helping with 2 hours of diversion tactics on the plane ride out to Arizona. After getting there, the boys enjoyed every inch of my Aunt Donna's house...she had tons of fun stuff to enjoy, which was super helpful to Corey and I. We also appreciate you allowing us to demolish your house just hours before having a chili cookoff with 30 of your closest neighbors. (Do I have a nice family or what???) I think the highlight of the weekend was going out to see my Grandpa's horse, Expo. Logan was brave enough to ride with Great Grandpa and then manhandled the horse all by himself. (With Great Grandpa as the guide.) Brody wasn't having any of the horse attraction. AT ALL. Seriously, my Great Grandpa is still riding his horse for 2-3 hours a week.

We got home just in time to celebrate Bear's birthday on Monday. He is a big ole whopping 2 years old now. I swear he turned two and since then has been terrible. No, not really...well, kind of, in the nicest way! He is hopefully just teething so I am sure this terrible-ness will soon pass. (Right?)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We had yet another family nap this afternoon and it was GREAT! All parties in our household took a fat nap and woke up in a much better place. (including myself!) Last night was pretty eventful around here...I surprised Corey with a poker night for his birthday. He came home and a number of his work friends were here to take his money. Unfortunately, I was hoping he would be the big winner, but not so much. He was definitely surprised and super excited to have a night with the guys. I organized the shin dig, bought the beer and was happy to head over to my mom's after the guys started playing poker. I was exhausted after a long run and getting prepped for the par-tay. Corey's birthday wasn't last night, it is on Wednesday night...but I thought we could start celebrating a smidge early. Happy early birthday honey!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Shhhhh! We are all taking a family nap. That's right, a family nap - the entire crew lays down and the house is as close to quiet as it gets during the day...all bodies are asleep. After last night's party, you too would be sleeping if you were a member of my crew. Whew! We had a great time!

First, we had a big ole' Halloween shin dig in our cul-de-sac and the entire neighborhood joined in. We had chili and Corey grilled out tons of hot dogs in addition to loads of other yummy food items. (I know, this is probably making your mouth water!) Our good friends Amanda, Cody, and Luke also came to join in the fun. After eating way too much we headed out to get our share of the candy in the hood. The group did pretty well. The younger boys were a little slower in the execution so there were two distinct trick or treating groups, but everyone was pleased with their earnings...especially Mom and Dad! For those people who think all of that candy goes to kids, you must be crazy! I have been on a sugar high for about a week now - thank you Costco and trick or treating efforts. Below is a picture of the boys before trick or treating - Luke is Curious George on the right:

Corey and Logan after carving our pumpkin:

You will note the precious costumes that were sported by my boys. Logan wanted to be a Transformer. He decided he wanted to be the "blue one" then later figured out that the blue one's name was "Optimus Prime." Brody was lucky enough to wear a costume that Corey also wore when he was two or three. That cutie little cowboy costume has been worn by two of my boys - about 29 years apart. Thank goodness Corey's mom kept that leather get-up for us to wear just a few years later :)