Friday, April 15, 2011

Worst. Blogger. Ever

Alright, alright, alright, I admit it. I am the worst. blogger. ever. I own it and I am not afraid to admit it. It isn't that I mean to be the worst blogger, it just happened almost overnight it seemed. My days were turning into nights and I didn't have a good gauge on what day it was anyways. You other parents out there get it and there is no need to explain the haze that encompasses your first few weeks of having a newborn.

Baby C has been a great baby thus far. For the most part he fusses when he is hungry or sleepy - oh, and also around 8:30 at night, his fussy time. He has fit right into our little family and we have been so blessed to have him join us. The big boys have done very well adjusting. Logan is still being the best big brother...just with 2 younger brothers under him. Brody is also liking the role of big brother when it is convenient for him.

We had a wonderful Christmas season this year. It was much slower than normal because we have a newborn, which we all enjoyed to the fullest. Our family had the privilege of playing the part of the Holy Family on Christmas Eve mass. Corey was Joseph, Baby C was Jesus, I was Mary, and the big boys were shepherds. Everyone was able to come and be a part of the mass - it was lovely as Mimi would say.

I am also planning on including a slide show of other happenings around the Trent Casa. We have had quite a bit of soccer take over our lives. Logan has become quite the player since last year, and we aren't sure how it happened. He has been averaging 3 goals per game and eating lots of ice cream. (If the boys get a goal during a game we go out for ice cream, thanks to Grandpa.) Bear has also taken up soccer, he is more concerned about the Fan Fare in the stands. He runs behind the ball and makes sure to wave and give a "thumbs up" to his fans.

A couple of weeks ago my bestie Joy came in town for a visit. I hope she relaxed a bit during her stay since my normal Mama drama continued while she was here. Corey was a true rockstar and took Colter while Joy and I went to Ft. Worth. We almost visited the rodeo while we were there! (But didn't want to pay the $10 ticket price!)

Here is an album of pictures, I hope to be better about posting in the upcoming future. Continue to bear with me though...

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Graham said...

I love you and your precious family! I miss u all so much! I am so glad you finally posted! Hopefully we can connect this week! Muah!