Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

Tonight is NYE and boy how things have changed! We don't have ANY big plans tonight other than to hang out with the fam. After the Christmas festivities, I think we are all excited to get a little R&R around here. Looking back on 09', I think I am pretty excited about the year. Things went really well for us. Our fam was happy and healthy for the most part and Corey and I have made it through another year of parenting. (I was surprised we made it through year 1, now we are 5 years in!)

Christmas was a blast for the boys this year. Logan really is getting the whole Santa gig. We were very blessed with all of our gifts. I just tried cleaning out a few of Logan's "old toys" (aka Happy Meal toys and other toys he hasn't played with in years) with no avail. Reminder to self for next time: no help needed from LT. I watch the show "Hoarders" and Logan has some of those similar behaviors. Also, if you haven't watched that show - please do, it is quality television at it's best :)

School is about to start up after the break and I am a little sad for LT to go back. As much as he and Brody have been at each others' throats, it is nice having him around full-time. (Now is when I get all boo-hoo-ish about him going to Kinder next year...)

We had a family filled break with lots of surprises. First, we helped throw a surprise party for Corey's mom's 60th birthday. Next, we flew Corey's Aunt Phyllis in on her birthday to really surprise her. Finally, we threw Auntie Em a graduation party to celebrate her getting her Masters Degree - THEN my Aunt Peggy flew in for the shin dig. Can you believe all of that has gone down in the last 3 weeks??? I can't! We haven't been around our house much with all of the celebrating, so again, we are looking forward to hanging at the house tonight! For all of you partying like rock stars - Happy New Years! Have fun and be careful tonight!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the Trent house. In fact, it probably looks more like Christmas here than it does in the majority of places. We LOVE to have any and all lights on while we are home. ALL the time! Logan and Brody are just loving the Christmas lights . We have been out a number of times just checking out the lights in our neighborhood and this weekend Grammy and Pa took the boys out to Joe Pool Lake to look at the monster light scene. Corey and I headed to a super fun Christmas party during that journey.

Both boys have been to see Santa already. Logan got to see him at our Christmas party at church, and then Daddy (or Daddio as Brody likes to call him) took the boys to get their picture snapped at Bass Pro shops. The first visit was a smidge traumatic for Bear, but the second time, Brody was willing to get his pic taken. In fact, since Logan had already been to see Santa - during the Bass Pro visit, Logan didn't even ask for additional toys for himself. He decided to vocalize Brody's wishes to the big guy. How sweet is that???? (Sorry, please let me relish in the sweetness of this act, because things like this need to be recognized around here!) I will try to scan the picture of the two of them in and post it soon.

Additionally, last year our Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom were nice enough to give us an Elf on the Shelf. That "elfie" has been quite busy. He goes to the North Pole every night and moves his location every morning. Phew, he has a tough job!