Sunday, November 28, 2010

Colter Jackson Trent finally arrived to complete our family. He has already taught me lots of lessons in patience. I fully expected him to arrive at least one week early, if not 2 weeks - he arrived 2 short days prior to his due date. I felt like I was 3 weeks overdue! Additionally, I thought my labor would last 6-8 hours (as this is how long my labor with Bear was), and clearly, Colter has a timeframe all his own. I went into labor on November 20th at around 6am and was in labor until I had him at 9:31pm that night.

Thus far this little sugar has been such a good baby. We were able to make it to both family's Thanksgiving dinners. The food was wonderfully prepared by Auntie Al, Uncle Archie, and Grammy and Pa. We all ate a little too much and hopefully Colter followed suit. After all, his main job right now is eating and growing. We go in for a follow up appointment on Tuesday to see how much he has grown.

Mimi and Grandpa were SO nice to take the boys out to the ranch both weekends. It was nice for the boys to get to go out and run for the weekend. It was also nice for Corey and I, to have both weekends "off" and be able to focus on our new addition. Both boys have responded well to their baby brother thus far, although I am sure there is quite a bit more adjusting to come. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Bear's Birthday

We are all still recovering after a very successful Halloween Trick or Treating extravaganza. Both boys did very well in the candy department and both were still happy with their costumes weeks after making the decision of what they were going to be. Below are both boys showing off their stash:

LT initially wanted to be a glow in the dark skeleton (after an attempt at getting me to buy into a skeleton with blood all over his face - clearly which wouldn't fly...yet), but then ultimately decided on a ninja, with the most important sword accessory. I too love accessories, so I can relate :)

Bear was a bit more difficult. These days he is obsessed with fire hydrants. While driving we take note of all types of hydrants: red ones, tall ones, short ones, ones that have a different color "hat" - you name it, we are admiring it. Of course, a spewing hydrant is an especially fabulous find. Anyways, when asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, you guessed it, he wanted to be a fire hydrant. Thanks to Mimi, we were able to whip one up for my little guy. It was a homemade costume, and a little abstract on the theme, so we were often telling people what he was vs. people assuming he was a fire hydrant - he was quite okay with it.

In addition, we celebrated Bear's birthday a bit early with a trip to the fire station then back to our house for pizza and cupcakes. Bear was in high heaven since the day was all about him. I love that! I also love that the party took place before baby brother's arrival. I want to make sure that his big day isn't overlooked since he will be sharing his birthday month with Mimi, Daddy, and Baby Brother.