Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Last weekend the Gruningers headed out to my parents ranch for our annual gathering over Memorial Day. It was very relaxing, although a smidge warmer than I would prefer. Texas is heating up in a hurry. The ranch was crawling, literally, with all kinds of critters. Auntie Al even tried to pick up a real snake! (Brave, and super sporty, I think so!)

LT is really into bugs right now. He tries to find a bug EVERY time he is outdoors...which is quite often in the life of LT. Last weekend he found and caught approximately 20-30 grasshoppers, and about 5-10 caterpillars. He attempted to catch a number of lizards as well, but was unsuccessful in his efforts.

The group was really lazy and ate way too much over the weekend like we always do when we are out there. Daddy smoked both of our dinners on the smoker and they were delicious! We also enjoyed sopapilla cheesecake for dessert...yummy!

Everyone took naps, read books, and rode the mule and 4 wheeler. The boys enjoyed "helping" Grandpa with a number of projects...there is always work to be done out there, and the boys love to be in the middle of it. Here are the boys with Grandpa after putting together a bench near the house:

On another ranch related note, last night LT seemed to break out in a mysterious rash. I was somewhat in a panic thinking chicken pox? Fifths Disease? Poison Ivy? So prior to our move this morning, we made a $25 trip to my pediatrician's office for him to tell me that LT had been attacked by chiggers out at the ranch...which the bites aren't currently itching. Yes, I am grouchy that I wasted $25, however, I am relieved it isn't one of the other possibilities.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pregnant Part 3

For all of those who aren't yet aware, I am pregnant with Baby T #3. I am not much for announcing our news to the world, so I haven't put it on Facebook thus far, nor been shouting it from the rooftops, but if you have seen me lately, there is no mistaking that we are expecting again. Once again, I am even bigger - earlier in my pregnancy. Thank goodness Corey was able to find my maternity wear amidst all of our boxes in the garage. I was definitely busting out of my "normal" clothes.

Thus far I am approximately 15 weeks along, so through the typical worst part. There were a couple of weeks which I was COMPLETELY exhausted, and another couple of weeks in which my belly was really bothering me, but otherwise I have felt great. I do feel as though I have been more tired in general than my other pregnancies, but I think it is because of my different "job position" as CEO of the Trent household. I am somewhat surprised by this because I am under far less work stress, but I am chasing 2 very busy boys all day.

We have told the boys about the baby coming. For a couple of weeks LT must have been processing the news because we didn't hear a peep from him about it. After that two week period he warmed up quite a bit and has started kissing my belly and asking a number of other questions. We have told Bear, although I don't know how much he really gets it yet.

Baby T is currently the size of an apple. The baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee and probably suck his/her thumb. LT Loves these details. He loves to see the pictures online of what the baby is looking like now and all of the things he/she is doing.

We are moving our final move into our "new" house this Friday. We have had a ton of work done over the past month and a half to our house. When all of the details are complete I will be posting before and after pics. We are still lacking a fireplace, a stair rail, and some of the tile backsplash. (Some other small details too!) I am so excited (crazy, I know!) to start unpacking. We haven't seen some of our stuff for 5-6 months. I am so ready to be settled and "normal" again...or as "normal" as our group gets! Please feel free to pray for our family this weekend, week, and month. Again, thanks to all of those who have helped us through this process over the past few months. We truly couldn't have done it without you!