Wednesday, September 9, 2009


School days, school days, good ole' golden rule days!  School is back in session for my big guy. He started Wednesday morning in the 4 year old class.  Next year he will start kinder - - - WHAT?  I know, I am getting ahead of myself...but seriously, when did this happen???  

We gave him chores to start off the new school year.  He is responsible to get himself dressed, brush his teeth, (I know minimal hygiene - this is even difficult stuff around here!), eat breakfast, clear his dishes off the table, and finally - make his bed.  Wednesday morning he ROCKED the new chores right on out.  I have this strange feeling that the "rocking" won't continue forever, so I should probably be uber-thankful.

LT was all set for his first day with a new backpack and lunchbox.  (Transformers was the theme this year...)  He didn't quite wear the exact outfit I had picked out.  (Substitute sporty shorts and soccer socks instead of the normal/preppy stuff I had picked out...)  Anyways, Corey and I dropped him off for his first day and he was READY to get the party started.  Seriously, he might as well have said "Buh, bye" on our way out.   Although, I will take that any day over drama!  Here is a picture of our little man signing his name on the way into class.  This is one of his "responsibilities" after he arrives in his classroom.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whirlwind weekends...

Over the past couple of weekends, Corey and I have been very fortunate to have a really good time.  The weekend before last, his parents graciously gave us a night out as an anniversary present.  They watched the boys while we went to Ft. Worth with our dear friends, Amanda and Cody for dinner at the Lonesome Dove Steakhouse.  (The food was delicious!)  Anyways, from there we headed to the Renaissance Hotel in Sundance Square and enjoyed a very quiet evening at the hotel.  Here is a picture of downtown Fort Worth from our room.  We slept in the following morning and then headed back to Corey's parents house to get back to reality!
Last weekend we had a big ole' night for Allyson's Bachelorette party.  Many doubted my bachelorette partying abilities, but I am proud to say that I was one of the few left standing at the end of the night.  The evening went something like this: hotel pre-partying, Pete's Piano Bar, then City Streets to dance the night away...and boy did we do some dancing!  We were all out and about until approximately 2am then had a late night snack prior to bed.  Saturday during the day we went to have lunch at Joe T. Garcias, had manis/pedis, then topped the day off with a trip to Target.  Mom made us a delicious Miller dinner at her house of chicken marsala with fetuccini alfredo.  Yum-o!  Corey and I were fortunate enough to get a night out with one of our favorite bands...DEPECHE MODE.  Oh my heavens, it was fabulous!  That band totally dates me and I don't even care!  

Make sure to check back on my blog soon, I hope to have a summer recap...a suggestion to one of my blog consultants (Auntie Em and Auntie Al).  Here is a pic I like of the boys recently...both of my spidermen :)