Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quick update...

So I thought I would quickly update you on the "picnic" plan yesterday morning.  I am sure someone out there is wondering if this might just work at their house.  Well, it worked at mine!  Woo hoo!  Corey and I slept in until AFTER 7 whopping o'clock yesterday morning, and woke up all by ourselves.  I know, it is hard to believe!  (Probably more hard for me to believe than anyone else.)  Logan was psyched about the big boy activity and wants to do it daily.  Seriously, God is smiling on me - this is my payback after the stomach bug incident.  

Additionally, my hubs is quite the contractor.  You might need to watch out, myself, Emily, and Corey might all be hired out in your neighborhood.  Corey took on the baseboards today.  I was a little nervous based on a previous chair rail project about 4 years ago, but things went really well.  We have "saved" all kinds of money on the bathroom project - just ask Corey :)  Anyways, I am super excited because my bathroom is no longer covered in plastic, it is starting to look like a fun, new, and swanky bathroom.  I think I might have a 'sip and see' after things are completed to show it off.  Thanks again for your contribution hon!  To be continued...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday bliss...

I am officially the big 3-2.  Things have been going really well thus far entering into this new year.  Corey got me some flowers and a SUH-WEET pedi on my birthday.  On Auntie Em's birthday, we went on a birthday adventure to a petting farm.  Things went really well - it has been abnormally nice outside and all have been trying to take advantage of it.  Tomorrow is Auntie Al's big day, and we are going to start things off with a birthday breakfast at Mom's house.  She is making all of the old breakfast favorites from my childhood, including crepes!  Yummy!  Here are some pics of the petting farm, please note Logan's sporty socks that he insists on wearing up to his knees:
We are still in the midst of the bathroom remodel - mainly because I have been taking my time painting and texturizing the walls.  I have to send out a serious shout out to my sis Em.  She is on her summer break and has been in the bathroom that we have so kindly given the name "sweat shop" for a few days now.  Seriously, we were texturizing and painting morning/noon/night.  I must say that things really look TOTALLY different in there.  I am psyched about the end result of our efforts.  We have just a few details to take care of prior to the big reveal.  If we were dedicating our bathroom like you dedicate libraries - we would have to dedicate the Trent master bath to Auntie Em for all of her hard work.  Thanks again Em!

There has been a dark cloud of sickness that has seemed to loom over 1808 Sumac Dr.  Initially, it started with Logan having a cold - which randomly took a turn into a stomach bug.  Next it was Brody - who also had the same symptoms, except his seemed to last quite a bit longer...1 week of a cold, then another week of stomach issues.  Seriously, it seems as though poo was everywhere.  At one point during church it was on Bear's shorts, the floor, the changing pad - oh, heavens!  Now Corey is finally trying to shake the end of the funk.  I am praying for my crew to get well and stay well.  I am so thankful for our typically healthy residence!  

Tomorrow I am really hoping to sleep in.  Now, some of you might think, no way!  Logan consistently wakes up between 6:30-7ish and Bear sleeps in until 8 or so.  I set up a "picnic" of cereal and milk for Logan to get out all by himself.  We are also going to set up the TV so he can watch his show when he wakes up...fingers whammies...come on 8am!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Last week Mom and I had the pleasure of trying to educate nine 4 year-old boys all about God. We had Vacation Bible School last week and it was a treat! By the last day my mom made the comment that Friday was the worst day times 10! She also mentioned that even her grandson was a challenge. (Which was warranted on her behalf!) I think all of the boys learned a little something and Mom and I had a number of laughs!

So we have a few things happening at the Trent house right now. First, there is a significant bathroom project that is in the works in my bathroom. This is going to be FAB once it is done - the during is the part that stinks. We had someone do the tile and it took about a week and a half. We have torn out our shower, tub, and sinks. The tile guy replaced the shower and tub. We are going to put in a vanity instead of our previous counter/sink set up. Auntie Em and I are going to texture and paint the walls prior to the vanity being put in. Phew, there is a lot going on in there. Needless to say, I miss having 2 bathrooms! Here is a picture of my "apprentice" helping to rip down the wallpaper border.

Second, we are in diet boot camp during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The boys are trying new things at each "feeding time." (I know, you thought I was talking about my diet!) Brody really doesn't like any meat or very few fruits and veggies...which just really doesn't work. My pediatrician is convinced that this kid will eat new things when the smack down is put on him. Too bad she isn't administering the feeding times! Below is a picture of Brody being sad at dinner. (Keep in mind dinner was chicken breast with raspberries and edamame...) Seriously, could you resist this face? Both boys were screaming at afternoon snack this afternoon. But hey, surely someone will find something different they like, right???

Today I was "Sporty Spice" all day long. My day went something like this...1) a 3 mile jog 2) a swim in the pool to rinse off 3) a hike with Logan and his friend Evie 4) another dip in the pool ----and this all happened before 1pm! Woo hoo - we are having a fun summer! I think I am off to finally take a shower, I think I stink!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jammin' June

We have been CRAZY busy over the last couple of weeks.  Last weekend my mom, sisters and I took off down to San Marcos for a girls weekend.  Mom & Al needed some new outfits for wedding events and all of us could use some new things at the MOTHER of all outlet malls.  The girls and I also made time for a nice dinner, the riverwalk, shopping, a dip in the river, and a wine bar.  FUN!  We had a great time - even more fun than I expected to have!  (And we got outfits for the wedding events too!)  Pictures hopefully to come - check back soon!

Last week was also tons of fun.  We went to two waterparks as well as the cowgirl museum.  We have also been by the pool every night.  The boys and I were all tuckered out.  We have all been taking the occasional nap in the afternoons.   Logan has been going to daycamp at the YMCA this week, so again he is one tired Indian :)

I just got back from Chicago.  I was blessed to meet my bestie Joy in Chi-town.  I was blessed for two, I am blessed to have the sweetest sista and hubs to allow me to go boy-less.  Two, I am blessed to have such a great best friend - 10 years later!  This summer marks our 10 year anniversary of meeting as consultants for AXO.  Things have changed a lot since then...husbands, kiddos, being grown up little mommas!  

We had a great time.  The first couple of days we did a lot of running around town, then we tried to squeeze some relaxing in.   We spent time at the beach, the museum, shopping, the movies, at restaurants, Frank Lloyd Wright-seeing, and also hot tubbing and sleeping too!  It was wonderful - I must again thank Emily and Corey for making the trip possible.  Sorry, no pics from this trip, neither one of us brought a camera :(